Tuesday, 1 February 2011

current script

The Deep

written by

Andrew Kinnear

draft 05

1.EXT. Pontoon

low angle push track and slow pan along the pontoon as the child runs into frame from the left and sits on the edge. The kid proceeds to open the newspaper he is holding.

2.EXT. Pontoon

cut underneath the pontoon looking up at the kids legs dangling over the edge and swinging as he reads. His legs bolt suddenly.

3.EXT. Pontoon

close up shot of the kids smiling face. Out of focus submarine behind the kid.

4.EXT. Pontoon

Kids POV shot of the newspaper as he reads it, the kid has won the photography competition and is reading his story. Transition through wavy text as the kid swims through frame on z axis. Swimming towards the iceberg.

5.EXT. Ocean

Kid is infront of the entrance to the ice cave hollowed into the ice berg. The kid is dwarfed by the scale of the ice.

The ice berg dominates the left of frame whilst the kid is centre and slightly to the right.

6.EXT. Ocean

Close up of the kid looking up at the huge block of ice. He then proceeds, without breaking line of sight, to raise his camera and take a picture.

7.EXT. Ocean

cut back to shot 5 as we see the kid proceed to swim at a moderate pace into the ice berg.

8.INT. Ice cave

The Kid is swimming into the ice cave in a large corridor of ice, swims from left to right in a leisurely fashion taking in his environment. Light to dark.

9.INT. Ice cave

The kid comes to a bright section at the end of the cave so he investigates, as he reaches the end of the corridor he is confronted with a cavern made of ice that is housing a sleeping giant eel. Cam moves with the kid as he swims then breaks and pans around to reveal the cavern as the kid sees it.

10.INT. Ice cave

kid is fearful at first but then holds his camera tighter and smiles to himself. Camera in front of the kid he is framed by the rocks dominant on the right of frame.

11.INT. Ice cave

kid swims down to the eel who is sleeping peacefully. Eel on right side kid on the left.

12.INT. Ice cave

kid comes to a stop and cautiously raises his camera. He takes his shot and there is a large flash.

13.INT. Ice cave

close up of the eels eye opening wildly as the flash dissipates.

Pupil dilates.

14.INT. Ice cave

close up of the kid aghast at the wakening of this mighty beast. Terror.

15.INT. Ice Cave

kid swims in a flurry of waving arms and kicking legs up to the direction of the exit.

16.INT. Ice Cave

camera looks back at the kid from the exit as he struggles to swim away, we can see the eel rearing up and then swimming down on the kid. The kid swims out of the way just in time.

17.INT. Ice Cave

the kid continues to swim around the cave looking for an exit but the eel Is gaining on him fast. The swims lower in to the rocks around the floor of the cave.

18.INT. Ice Cave

pov from the kid as he is swimming he notices a rock archway that is narrow enough for him but not the eel.

19.INT. Ice Cave

kid bolts towards the archway and swims through the eel lunges at him but gets stuck in the middle.

20.INT. Ice Cave

wide angle of the kid swimming away with an air of relief as the eel flails wildly trying to free herself.

21.INT. Ice Cave

the kid is approaching the exit when the shrill wailing of the eel cuts through him. He turns back to witness what he has done and sighs in disgust.

22.INT. Ice Cave

the kid returns to the eel and looks her in the eye the thrashing and wailing stops all is calm.

23.INT. Ice Cave

the kid investigates the rocks holding the eel in place

24.INT. Ice Cave

kid struggles with the key stone that is holding the arch in place. With a final push the stone is dislodged

and the eel is free.

25.INT. Ice Cave

the eel swims free and turns straight to the kid and the come face to face. Kid left eel right.

26.INT. Ice Cave

a moment is shared between the two characters where the kid reaches forward to touch the eels head. A moment before the kid is to touch there is a ground shaking roar which scatters dust and debris the kid looks around fear in his eyes again.

27.INT. Ice Cave

the eel also looks shocked but edges slowly towards the kid and nudges him with her head, gesturing for the kid to climb on.

28.INT. Ice Cave

the kid turns not understanding at first fear still etched on his face. The eel nudges one more time and lowers her head, as if bowing. The kid realises and begins to climb on top. As soon as he is on the eel shoots off. The camera pans to see them heading towards the exit.

29.INT. Ice Cave

looking back at the kid riding the eel he struggles to get a grip rodeo style. He finds his hold and sighs then looks determined towards the front.

30.INT. Ice Cave

when the kid finds his grip the eel smiles and pushes onward.

31.INT. Ice Cave

Wide angle shot that echoes the kids entrance to the caves the eel and the kid are swimming straight out of the cave and into the the open right to left of frame. Camera tracks to follow them out as they burst from the caves entrance.

32.EXT. Ocean

looking back at the ice berg we witness a huge tentacle reach up out of the deep and with a loud slap hits the side of the ice berg.

33.EXT. Ocean

the kid turns back to see what it was and is horrified by the sight of so he turns to the eel and taps on its back/head.

34.EXT. Ocean

the eel looks back so slightly then looks more determined and focussed towards escape.

35.EXT. Ocean

long wide angle shot showing the eel and kid on the right swimming for their lives diagonal, upwards. The kraken can now be seen encroaching on the bottom left of frame.

The Kraken brings its tentacles half way forwards and propels itself through the water. It then brings its tentacles up and around the eel and the kid to encase them in a ball of flesh.

36.INT. Tentacles

horror from both the kid and the eel as they are being pushed towards the krakens beak.

37.INT. Tentacles

ots looking into the beak of the kraken struggling kid and eel.

38.INT. Tentacles

wide shot with the kid and eel on the left being pushed in by tentacles the krakens head on the left beak open wide.

Then all of a sudden a camera flash goes off amidst the struggle.

39.INT. Tentacles

the kraken falters and the tentacles stop pushing and relax.

40.INT. Tentacles

the kid looks down to locate his camera then looks baffled as the connection is made, the kid then proceeds to repeatedly flash the camera.

41.EXT. Ocean

close up of the krakens reeling and screaming from the blinding flash

42.EXT. Ocean

wide angle eel and kid turn and flea out of frame as the kraken wiggles around writhing when it comes around the kid and eel are gone. It lets out another roar but this time it is weaker and one of defeat.

43.EXT. Ocean

looking back from the direction of the eel and kid we see the kraken turn and disappear into the deep.

44.Ext. Ocean

the kid turns back and looks back towards the eel and smiles then pats her on the head affectionately. Fade to black.

45.EXT. Ocean

the eel delivers the kid back to his submarine. Dismounts on the top of his submarine.

46.EXT. Ocean

the eel is looking away from the kid back to the deep, she turns to the kid and nods.

47.EXT. Ocean

the kid standing tall on top of his submarine nods his appreciation and success then slides down inside his submarine.

48.INT. Submarine

pov of the kid watching the eel, his friend swim back into the darkness.

49.INT. Submarine

the kid sits in his chair then slumps forwards and reaches for his camera on the table.

50.INT. Submarine

close up of the kid removing the base of the camera so he can remove his photos.

51.INT. Submarine

the credits roll over the top of the kid re living his story through the sequence of photographs laid out on the table.

52.INT. Submarine

The last photo fades to the one in the newspaper that the kid is reading on his pontoon, the kid looks out over the ocean smiling but seemingly deep in thought … cut to black.

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