Thursday, 9 December 2010


good new the presentation is done, the only thing left is a basic story outline which Andy will be doing,

i believe me and Andy will give the bulk of the presentation are self's, but mike still wants you to talk about what each member has done this term. just starting thinking about what u can say in no more the 20 secs your videos will play automatically when you slide display.

il see all you guys Monday,
cheers. Ben


Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Ok guys im producing the presentation for Monday we all each have a slide, which u will show ur best work and describes what you been doing so far on the product, so everyone please choose the images u want to go on this slide and ill add them in Thursday.

the main part of the pres can be done by 2 or 3 people but mike still want everyone to speak about what they have done.

Aswell i still need the animatic which i know andys working on im doing the colour script, i need final model sheets and some more character design to put in, as well i know fahran got some moodboard but if anyone else had any send them to me, ill add them aswell, and maybe some screen shots of the environment but we can work that out Thursday.

see ya Thursday


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Complete production schedule for term 1

just a update of the new production schedule for term 1, shows what needs to be done befor term ends and we brake for xmas.

Friday, 3 December 2010

check off list for term 1

i produced a list of all the elements we should have done for the first term.

Re writes to script
Produce storyboard
Produce animatic
Environment research
Environment mood board
Environment concept art
Final fishermen character design
Final pigeon character design
Final Congo eel character design
Character model sheets
Character pose sheets
Character mood board
Character expression sheets
Style mood board
Prop research
Prop concept art
Font research
Font selection
The titles artwork
Lighting research
Lighting tests
Rending tests
Modelling conger eel
Modelling fisherman
Modelling props
Modelling Environment
Uv conger eel
Rigging conger eel
Sound to animatic
Presentation for pitch
Practice presentation
Give presentation

of course if i've forgot anything let me know.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Penguin+expressions.bmp (JPEG Image, 1003x1317 pixels) - Scaled (53%)

Penguin+expressions.bmp (JPEG Image, 1003x1317 pixels) - Scaled (53%): "- Sent using Google Toolbar"
Using emmas expression sheet i can re create the shot when the penguin swims down into the water after the camera

check this shit out!

new gorillaz video think it can come in very helpful

Thursday, 25 November 2010


hi guys this is the prop list for the sub all this will need to be modelled,

- Sofa - carlos

-Table - Keith

-Knife fork plate set

-Butches knife/me

-Control desk

-Bed, pillow, mattress and cover

-Cork board/me

-Side Table/me

-Photo Frame - keith

-Boots - keith

-Fairy Lights

-Lamp shade/me


-Photographs - Andy

-Air Tank/me


-Ladder /me

let try and and get all this done for befor xmas.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Due to the change in the script there will no longer be a seabed or cave but instead an iceberg, which I think is a better idea considering there is a penguin in the story! :b

Here are some images that I will be using for reference when modeling the iceberg.

I really like the mysterious look here, how it the top is dwarfed by the massive section bellow!

Here is another example of how misleading the top part of an iceberg is. as you can see its about a sixth of all the iceberg.

I particularly like this image as you can just about make the actual size of the iceberg. the deep blue also makes it an amazing shot.

here are some of the my experiments when it came to modeling an iceberg, i have also tried different types of lighting to change the mood.

i have made added some caves to add to the environment and the story, the eel must have a lair right? if this idea is accepted i would add a better look to the iceberg.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Final Eel Design

Here is the final design for the Eel, or at least it will be final if Andy approves it. I know the front shot is quite rough but I assure you it will look good in 3d. Let me know what you guys think.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

test block of kid swimming

here is a test using one of clym's old rigs to animate the kid swimming and testing the animation on a footage to see what it would look like composited.

Developed Designs

After showing Andy the developed sketches I have done some more based on the ones he liked the most. I kept in mind what he liked, the main dorsal fin, angular shapes and shortened body shape. Let me know what you think, thanks.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bios and backgrounds

The World – Terra Aqua

steampunk style
open grassland with sprawling fields and deep cliffs
technology is based on steam, coal, wind, water and very early electricity
reference to the film “Water world”
the world is broken into small archipelago's of islands clustered together (Greek and Caribbean islands)
majority of transport is sea and air
thus connecting trade routes between islands
a world of wood and metal
its an easy world the ruler ship is fair and the populous is virtuous
there are a few rogue pirate islands but they keep themselves to themselves
as the world is heavily water dominated it breeds large fish

The Kid's Island – Agri

a farming island with steep cliffs on one side and a long shelf of sand on the other
the boy chooses to fish as it is different to his island
a large windmill dominates the hilltop
the village is located near the beach with farms stretching the length and width of the island
families rarely move islands and as such the islands consist of tightly nit communities

The Kid – the hero

12 year old
name, no name (kid)
an underwater fisherman
wishes to be up in the stars adventuring the unknown
he fishes to feed his parents on the mainland
he fishes for a week at a time
the submarine means survival!
has a sweetheart waiting for him on the mainland
he is cautious but adventurous
kind hearted
motivation= fish, provide, eat, survive, love
hates= wasting time, the thought of dying, not catching fish

The Deep – a wide gorge situated in Agris' neighbouring waters.

a deep and wide gorge
plentiful supply of fish
secluded fishing spot relatively unknown
no previous knowledge of dangerous fish
but its the ocean so how can one tell

Conger Eel

animalistic, primitive
travels long distances feeding in bulk
there are myths of a large fish that preys on fisherman and their haul, but sightings are brief and nothing is definitive
this myth has been documented in Terra Aqua's lore and is deemed no more than a fisherman's tale
the kid has heard of the tale but disbelieves it
although he appears deadly he eats fish not people/mammals
He gets hounded from island to island by fishermen as he steals their catch

Penguin – Ed

way out of habitat, he drifted down on an iceberg, separated from family and species he is making his way home
he enjoys the warmer climate and decides to stick around
main drive is food
very inquisitive and young/innocent
unable to plan or think ahead he lives for the moment
thus he finds himself in a horde of fish, in a fisherman's net, but he is happy as he has plenty of food
secretly lonely
scared of being hungry and of course dying

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Underwater Ideas

From some research I have come across these images which I believe show the right mood lighting and environment designs for The Deep!

The image above is very strong in terms of an underwater environment, I like how the stalactites give it a really creepy look, the perfect place for a monster to live in.

I would like to use this next image when it comes to modeling the ecosystems you might find in an underwater cave. as you can there aver very colourful areas being exposed with the light.

I would like to use the image above to get an idea of how the rocks in our environment will need to look.

This photograph is very interesting when it comes to adding lighting to our environment, I really like how you are able to see the ceiling above the water. It really captures the forgotten look, perfect environment for a monsters lair!

this next image has incredible lighting, I believe it is vegetation causing the rays of light to shine through in such variety.

I really like the image above, what I find interesting is how life is growing on the statue giving the viewers the impression that its been there for a while. I would like it if I was able to make our environment creepier buy modeling a few things like this.

the image above really captures the depth of field, it also gives the impression of depth in terms of darkness in the ocean, i believe that it is the colours which do this for me.

This last image shows a really cool surface for the floor, what caught my eye was how the sand is covering some of the vegetation.

Video references

Here is a rendered scene of an underwater environment, as you can see when aspect such as texturing, lighting and rendering are put together successfully it does really work wonders! I hope to achieve an environment like this but in a much bigger scale.

I like this video but I think there's way too much going on

the video above is interesting in terms of particles, it makes it really magical when the particles shine in colourful lights. I believe that it might be too much at times and a bit more variation would be good.

submarine floor plan

kid development

development stages of the kid

Developed Eel designs

Hey all, after showing my sketches to the boss on Monday, I was given some good feedback and told to continue designing. All the initial sketches, research n moodboards are on my personal blog so check em out if you guys wish. Here are the developed designs which I have done based on the sketches Andy liked, there is a mix and hopefully I am getting closer to a final. I have provided just the line art because the colours n textures may not be what Andy is after, so its less of a distraction while trying to focus on shape n form. Let me know what you all think guys, and we can discuss more tommorow. Peace

Monday, 8 November 2010

Friday, 5 November 2010


The Deep Trailer from andrew on Vimeo.


  1. INT. Submarine – Living quarters

The room is full of “nick-nacks” and props, which are necessary for comfortable living, dimly lit by a swinging lamp in the centre of the room but homely.

Track to the right to show table, sofa, and close up of fish on butchers table.

  1. INT. Submarine – Sleeping quarters

This room is below the living quarters and is lit by a series of fairy lights attached to the ceiling. A small puddle on the floor glows with the rainbow of lights. The Back wall is dominated by a hefty iron door, evidently the air lock.

Our hero is asleep in his small wooden bed the blanket slowly

rising and falling with deep breaths.

    Slow push towards the sleeping character.

(quiet beeping can be heard slightly muffled)

  1. INT. Submarine – Control Panel

Control panel with assorted dials, buttons, knobs and displays.

A sonar “pings” as it oscillates but this is not the source of the sound.

The source is from a red bulb that is denoted by a sign that simply states “net full”.

Static shot of the red bulb flashing with the sonar in view.

4.INT. Submarine – Sleeping Quarters

Focus on the iron air lock door closing. We can see the back of the character putting on his diving helmet, seen through the porthole in the door.

push in towards door and fade to black.

(clang and creek)

Title “The Deep” dissolve to next scene.

5.EXT. Submarine

A dark emptiness that is somehow all consuming.


Faint shards of light break through the murky depths and cast columns of wavering warmth into the chill of the deep.

The fish shaped, wood built submarine is carried by the tide,

its red canvas sail billowing in the absent wind.

A thick warm glow converts the reluctant liquid, seeping from the eyes of the Sub.

The trailing net, now full with fish, entices with green lanterns casting light onto the mostly silhouetted Sub.

Long shot-

The kid swims the length of the Sub, from bow to stern.

He presses a button/lever at the rear of the Sub which rotates the tail of the sub which ties the net off.

He notices a lone fish bone float away, down into the void.

6.EXT. Submarine

Mid/Close shot– Character on right of frame.

Both confused and intrigued the kid proceeds out of frame, towards the net.

7.EXT. Net

The Net is full of tightly packed fish, varying in size and colour.

Mid shot(maybe POV)-

Kid parts the fish in the net and investigates the situation.

8.INT. Net

POV – kid

A chubby little penguin has found his way into the net, munching his way through the kids catch.

The penguin has fashioned an oily throne, out of the abundance of fish and has no intention of leaving.

9.EXT. Net

Mid shot

The kid reaches into the net with little success, his catch is too tightly packed. Frustrated he resorts to muffled shouts.


Stop eating my fish

10.EXT. Fish bone

Mid/close Dutch shot – fish bone follow

looking up from the depths of the ocean, rippling light tickles the distant surface. The under belly of the Sub

silhouetted by waves of fading light. The fish bone plays like a leaf in the wind gliding downward slowly as if drawn by an unearthly force.

(cameras focus is always on the bones and follows it down)

The Fish bone gains some momentum and is whisked into a chasm,

a deep scar on the barren sea bed. Moments later bubbles rise and a low rumble can be heard.

11.EXT. Net

Mid shot-

We join the kid shaking the net and flailing wildly when he suddenly stops.

He backs away from the net, face pale no movement just drifts back ever so slightly.

A look of shock and terror etched on his face.

12.INT. Net

Mid/Close shot-

The penguin laughs and blows a victory raspberry in the direction of the kid.

13.EXT. Net

Long shot (static)- rear of kid looking down past net into the Deep.

A huge glowing shape emanates from the black depths, taking

form as it snakes towards the kid.

The Kid, initially frozen ,in shock at the dominating shape gathers his senses and hastily retreats to the airlock at the bow of the Sub.

14.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot-

The Kid struggles with the hatch loosing his strength, his fear is consuming him.

15.EXT. Net/Submarine

The Eel latches onto the net, but the Eel does not stop and continues his course taking up the slack in the rope attached to the Sub.

(shot will show both the net and the Rear of the sub)

16.INT. Helmet – (EXT. Submarine)

Close up Profile of kids face inside His Diving helmet-

A bead of sweat rolls down his face as his hot breath fogs a small patch of glass. Shock turns to determination as he

decides to save both the penguin and his livelihood.

17.EXT. Submarine

Mid right track along sub slow stop with kid

The Kid swims alongside the Sub and reaches his harpoon gun which is mounted to the side. The gun is rusted and laden with barnacles, aged and disused the harpoon is a long shot but its his only opportunity.

18.EXT. Submarine

Long shot of submarine and Conga eel

We are able to see the size of the Eel for the first time, the massive beast hauling the Sub through the big blue.

Orange light glows from patches on the snaking body, whilst the scales on the upper part of its body are bathed in the crumbling columns of daylight fighting to reach the Deep.

19.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot- character on right of frame looking left now.

The Eel has rotated the sub, which is now being dragged backwards through the water.

The Kid has one foot locked in place on one of the hooks on the hull of the Sub. He moves with the water feeling the motions of the Sub the Eel and the current.

Lining his shot.

20.EXT. Submarine

Close up- kids face (possibly inside helmet again)

One eye shut the moment of truth.

Complete Focus. Shallow breathing.

21.EXT. Submarine

Close up-

finger on trigger 1 second pause,wavering...

Squeeze (swoosh) the harpoon sails through the water.

22.EXT. Submarine

Close up-

The rope is severed by the harpoon.

23.EXT. Eel

Long Shot-

The net unfolds and wraps around the head of the Eel, the net is caught in the multitude of teeth that the Eel has at its disposal. Thrashing wildly trying to dislodge the net and continuing at some speed the Eel collides with a rock wall.

Trapping the head and foremost part of its body in a sharp rut in the rock. Fish from the net lazily float in the aftermath too numb to the situation at hand.

24.EXT. Submarine

Mid shot-

The Sub hangs Limply in the water a small distance from our characters.

The Penguin cowers behind the Kid, shaking with the thought of the preceding events.

A look of exhaustion mixed with slight triumph melts into anger as the kid turns to face the penguin.

25.EXT. Submarine


Penguin unleashes the puppy dog eyes and a solitary tear rolls down his cheek. Until a brain numbed fish floats into shot.

The penguin quickly snatched the fish from the water. Beaming

he presents it to the kid as an offering of friendship.

26.INT. Helmet

Close up profile facing right – kid

a smile creeps across his face which then turns into a raspberry, and then into convulsive laughter.

Fade to Black

The End

Credits roll over a few stills of the kid and the penguin.

Polaroid stills flicking over each other.

Showing their progressive friendship.