Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Underwater Ideas

From some research I have come across these images which I believe show the right mood lighting and environment designs for The Deep!

The image above is very strong in terms of an underwater environment, I like how the stalactites give it a really creepy look, the perfect place for a monster to live in.

I would like to use this next image when it comes to modeling the ecosystems you might find in an underwater cave. as you can there aver very colourful areas being exposed with the light.

I would like to use the image above to get an idea of how the rocks in our environment will need to look.

This photograph is very interesting when it comes to adding lighting to our environment, I really like how you are able to see the ceiling above the water. It really captures the forgotten look, perfect environment for a monsters lair!

this next image has incredible lighting, I believe it is vegetation causing the rays of light to shine through in such variety.

I really like the image above, what I find interesting is how life is growing on the statue giving the viewers the impression that its been there for a while. I would like it if I was able to make our environment creepier buy modeling a few things like this.

the image above really captures the depth of field, it also gives the impression of depth in terms of darkness in the ocean, i believe that it is the colours which do this for me.

This last image shows a really cool surface for the floor, what caught my eye was how the sand is covering some of the vegetation.

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