Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Due to the change in the script there will no longer be a seabed or cave but instead an iceberg, which I think is a better idea considering there is a penguin in the story! :b

Here are some images that I will be using for reference when modeling the iceberg.

I really like the mysterious look here, how it the top is dwarfed by the massive section bellow!

Here is another example of how misleading the top part of an iceberg is. as you can see its about a sixth of all the iceberg.

I particularly like this image as you can just about make the actual size of the iceberg. the deep blue also makes it an amazing shot.

here are some of the my experiments when it came to modeling an iceberg, i have also tried different types of lighting to change the mood.

i have made added some caves to add to the environment and the story, the eel must have a lair right? if this idea is accepted i would add a better look to the iceberg.

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